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Wow! Thank you for pursuing a date with me. I am honored.

Please know, I verify every potential date with the upmost discretion. The best way to schedule our date is to fill out my secured booking form, LET'S CONNECT, right over there >>>

This is the best way to get together & fast track the screening process. Plan for a speedy response, because I work with a lovely sidekick who is dedicated to using her magical adminstrative powers to get you verified *snap* just like that!

This is for safety, mine as well as yours. I'm like you - a working professional with shit to lose. I know you're not creepy, I know I'm not either. But let's be honest, they're out there - on your side & mine. Ugh. Working with my sidekick ensures that we both get the discretion we deserve. Plus, you and I  both have busy schedules and I suck at promptly replying to emails (yeah, I said it.) Thank goodness my sidekick is quite the opposite with virtual communication! The formalities will be taken care of swiftly. Now, let's get to what we both enjoy, a little face-to-face time :)

Been here before?

Please email me directly to request a date, including time and day desired. Let me know what you have in mind for our time together. Please use email only. I do not set up encounters via phone or text.