Heartfelt & direct answers to your most pressing questions.

For any information not listed below, please email me at lenaczura@protonmail.com 

How do I contact you?

  • If we haven't met before:
    Please fill out the LET'S CONNECT form. From there, I will email you will next steps and we’ll make arrangements for time & date.
  • Been here before?
    Please email me directly to request a date, including time and day desired. Let me know what you have in mind for our time together. Please use email only. I do not set up encounters via phone or text. 

So you're a ... sensualist? 

Mhmmmm. Oh yes. I am devoted to pleasure seeking & pleasure exploration. To me,  pleasure is SO much more than that missionary bedroom scene in the movies. It's exploring elements of touch, taste, temperature, smell, all of it - by daylight, candlelight or moonlight. I believe pleasure exploration is not for the faint of heart. It's for those of us who surrender to the sweetness of vulnerability and open-mindedness, in order to take our sparks of passion to places we never knew existed. 

...And kinky? I am kinky. Will you do $%*X@?

You figured that one out, huh? Oh good. Why yes - Domming is my dearest friend & how I got started in this whacky world of ours. It is a sacred practice to me that I take seriously. First of all, approach me with respect and integrity.  Well-mannered submissives get replies.  My background is in bondage, impact & sensation play... It's more fun for me when our play leads to torture. I find joy in a wide range of kinks. I have very strict hard limits. For starters, I am not a Domme of heavy verbal degradation. I control with effortless action and well-chosen words.  


What if I'm not kinky?

No worries. Kinky is just one part of my personality - and I'm a Gemini, so there's no shortage of personalities. I love playing with people - no bells & whistles (or whips & chains for that matter :D) Here's my bottom line: We enjoy OUR time together. So how about it? I'll bring the lingerie. You bring the wine. You know what? On second thought, let me just bring the wine.

Do you have reviews?

No. I do not engage in reviews.  However, I want your feedback. I encourage you reach out to me after our encounter with the lingering thoughts of what you loved, or what you would like to try differently next time.  As our relationship blossoms,  I will check-in with you to ensure each of our evolving needs and desires are met in our time together.   


The French call it etiquette, I call it expectations.


I will always greet you warmly, with genuine enthusiasm for conversation. My engagement with you via email and/or phone prior to our meeting will always be cordial, kind & direct. I will always be impeccably clean and well-groomed for our encounter. I expect the same from you on all accounts.


Knowing what you want is sexy. Saying what you want is even sexier. Most importantly, it's safer and more enjoyable for both of us. I get it, some desires are easy to name. Some are hard to explain. Others, we didn't even know we had. That's especially why pleasure exploration is so exquisite and exactly what I hope to unfold with you. But it only works if we TALK TOGETHER about what we like, and most importantly what we dislike. If there is something on your mind for an upcoming date, share with me, I am eager to hear. If there is something in the moment that you DON'T like, say it out loud immediately. This is crucial to our connection. Connection is key to me. I promise to communicate the same. 


 I will always use discretion with all potential endeavors. I expect you to do the same.