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 Lena Czura

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Detroit, Michigan

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Luxury Travel Companion & Detroit's Premier Independent Woman.

I’m sweet with a smile that melts gold. I laugh a lot, mostly at myself for the quirky things I do.

I am an explorer. I love to find that little romantic cafe, fun dive bar with good music, a delicious new restaurant, a spring forest, a foreign city, or a candlelit bedroom. I’m also a straight talker. I have traveled a lot, lived in other countries, speak other languages, hold degrees from prestigious universities. Yes, I speak & read French fluently, Polish conversationally, Wolof (bonus if you know where Wolof is spoken :D) conversationally, and more than enough Spanish to get us in trouble at the Tequila bar no matter what country we’re in. Portugese is next - I mean why not increase my chances in picking up Brazilian women, right?

I'm just that fun-loving redhead with Detroit in my blood & Dallas in my heart.

I am  disarming & down-to-earth. I love to converse about the New York Times headlines or a thought-provoking TED Talks. I love to sing along with almost any country song (I'm from Texas, what can I say?)  or dance to any salsa rhythm. I’ve gotten into the “it” places, with the “it” people by being intelligent, curious, beautiful and alluring. I mean, skinny-dipping at private parties in Meatpacking District was, like, so for my early 20's, ya know?

Through it all,  I have learned that flashiness and accolades don’t fulfill me.

Deep connection does. My flirtatious & sassy nature is only rivaled by my warm heart. I live a fulfilling life that deserves to be shared over more than just dinner...  So shall we?