Current City:

Detroit, Michigan

 Reservations outside Michigan require a deposit to secure your desired date & time

Summer 2019:

DETROIT | July 1-19th  *HONEY, I’M HOME*


NEW YORK CITY| July 20th — July 25th 

MONTAUK | July 25th - July 27th


Don't see your city listed? You can SPONSOR A TOUR!

'Sponsor A Tour' came from the lovely Chantel Etolie

What does being a tour sponsor mean? It means that you prepay for a minimum of a 4-hour date with me in FULL + $250 travel fee, and I will plan a tour to your chosen city just for you! This covers the cost of advertising, flights, hotel, and ground transportation, which guarantees me a carefree time with you!

How does this benefit you?

It’s simple, it’s a guarantee that I come to your city to see YOU. You will also get priority booking and my schedule will then be based around your scheduled date.

If you’ve ever been disappointed by a lady canceling her tour due to lack of interest then you can understand why a guarantee is an amazing thing. This also means that I can test a new city without the stress of overhead or a potential loss in income. You never know, it could become my favorite city that I make frequent trips to!

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